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04 December 2008

Trim a Tree Contest

Bonnie of Cancer Moon Creations and her Creative Team are sponsoring Trim a Tree Contest.
All the information you need can be found here Tree script can also be found on Bonnie's blog.
Link below with links to other Creative Team Members links to their blogs where you will find
goodies to decorate your tree with along with other things that may interest you.
Just click on their name to go to their blog.







Trim a Tree Contest

December 2008

This contest is sponsored by Cancer Moon Creations Creative Team.
The winner will receive a grab bag of scripts, valued approx $10 or more
Participation gifts and goodies to work with for everyone.
The Creative Team will vote on the entries and choose 1 winner.
Their decision is final.

Read the rules thoroughly !


1). All entries will be sent to me Becca at

2.) All entries should include 2 images.

a) the original image should be in png or jpg format with your name and email
on the image - no larger than 2x2 inches/300 ppi.

**** AND *****

b) a preview of the image for judging - should be no bigger than 400x400
pixels - jpg format with no identifying marks on the image

c) your initials should be included in the actual names of the files
example: cmc-Christmas tree contest.jpg and cmc-Christmas tree contest-preview.jpg

ONLY entries that are submitted in the correct format (2 images) will be included in the judging.

3.) Only one entry per person.

4.) You must use the tree script from Cancer Moon Creations - available on
Becca's blog and Bonnie's blog.

5.) No requirements for decorations & accessories - Free and pay scripts & Goodies will be
available or you can use your own. Team Members will have some goodies on their
blogs with samples - stop by and see the whole team.

6.) Entries are due by Friday December 12th, no later than
noon EST. No exceptions. Noon EST being Eastern Standard Time for
the United States.

7.) Entries will be on my blog on Saturday December 13th for
the Cancer Moon Creations Creative Team to view and vote on.

8.) The winner will be announced the week of the 15th.
The winning entry will appear on my blog, once they have been notified by email.

9.) The winners prize will be sent to them via email. Participants must send a mail
to me stating that they agree not to share any of the prizes or free scripts used
in this contest. If others want the goodies & scripts then they must go to the blogs
offeringthem. We will know if any of the prizes have been shared.

9.) creativity will count as much as skill - so everyone has a chance to win !!!

Personal Note from Bonnie of Cancer Moon Creations

This contest is just for fun - please enjoy the challenge and respect your host, Becca,
-she is putting in all the time and energy into organizing this contest.
Any entrants that give the host a hard time will be immediately disqualified from winning the prize.

We hope you enjoy Triming a Tree contest and will participate in future contest
hosted by Cancer Moon Creations and the Cancer Moon Creations Creative Team.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you all.

For the zipped file with every thing you need to get started click here.

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