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03 December 2008

My Version Of Wintery Nights Kit Preview

Wintery Nights

Crochet Bells 4
Crochet Angels 2
Lace Doves 4
Crochet Trees 4
Tree Flairs 4
Frames 4
Journal Trees 4
Bell Wreaths 4
Jingle Bells 4
SnowFlake Charms Dainty 4
SnowFlake Charms Dainty2 4
Swirl Papers 4 3600x3600
Pink Snowflake Paper 4 800x800
Maroon Snowflake paper 4 800x800
Dark purple Snowflake 4 800x800

CU Freebies used from the following Designers

Lady Shannon


Rachael's Scraps


Munchkyn Scraps by Jody
Jody Smith
Busy Scrappin' -
Pretty Scrappy -
Moo Two -
My Blog -
Freebie Coordinator -

Some Elements by
We have used some script - and thank you so much to:

Beth from

Bea from

CUFO Founder/USAF VET All works are © Of the Designers PU/S4H/S4O

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