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26 August 2009

Scrapper & Psp Promote A place to get your blog in the spotlight!

Scrapper & Psp Promote A place to get your blog in the spotlight!

Both my Blogs are featured here......sign up to be featured...

Let her know I sent you.

Scrapper & Psp Promote A place to get your blog in the spotlight!

Do you have a blog for scrapbooking designs or maybe a PSP related blog? (Photoshop Users are welcome to!) Fancy a bit of free promotion? Then you've come to the right place! Here you can advertise your blog for free! Each blog will get it's own post with their banner/blinkie and a brief description plus your banner/blinkie in the side bar. When this gets full, I will rotate these on a weekly basis! Also she plans to have a Blog Of The Week, where your blog will be in the spotlight! If you like the idea then please click on the contact link.
Scrapper & Psp Promote A place to get your blog in the spotlight!

How This Works & Rules
Right how this works is you send in the contact form (in the message part on the form please give a brief description of what you offer on your blog) and she will visit your blog to grab your blinkie/banner and place it here on Scrapper & Psp how easy is that?

*Please fill in your email address so that she can contact you if your blog is chosen for Blog of the Week or indeed for any other reason concerning your promotion here, she will also leave a message in your shoutbox or a comment on your blog..Now to the dreaded rules!..*

1. Your blog must be scrapbooking or psp related.

2. websites or shops please (If you use your blog to advertise your store, that's fine, as long as it's your blog on HERE!)

3. Please grab her blinkie to place on your spread the word!

4. If you are chosen for Blog of the Week, please save your award to your own pc, and link it to
Scrapper & Psp Promote A place to get your blog in the spotlight!

All Good Things!
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  1. Just FYI - You had signed up for the Sept. 1st ADSD collab of "School Daze" but there is nothing posted here. Please let me know if you are planning to post your contribution.
    -Mags, ADSD Admin
    mags AT magsgraphics DOT com

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