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06 August 2008

What is Entrecard

Entrecard it’s simple, fast and free ad exchange network. All banners are in one size only: 125×125 pix. If you are new to this advertising method visit Entrecard for more info. (If you are already a member - feel free to drop yours here on my blog. I am looking for relevant blogs to advertise only!

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CU Freebies Only

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©MyTreasuredScraps. It is AGAINST MY TOU to redistribute these files. It is also against my TOU for you to link or share to my 4shared link. Please send them to this blog directly to get the links.

1 comment:

  1. I'm on Entrecard. Would have done an ad on your blog cause I like it and am interested in digi scrapbooking. But my blog is not related to digi scrapbooking so I won't do the ad. See you around. I will likely be back. :)


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